Adrien de Bontin

Born in Paris, raised in Vienna, and educated in the United States, Adrien has had the good fortune of traveling between continents since an early age.  This openness to different cultures and societal backgrounds has allowed him to capture on film a wide variety of locations and peoples.  Currently residing in New York after spending 4 years in South America, he has been a contributor to a number of periodicals such as the New York Times, Fortune, Blackbook, Travel & Leisure, Time Out, and Elle.  

Finding inspiration from music, film, and daily life his portfolio includes a substantial collection of photographs.  Photography is his passion and he often admits: “The act of capturing a moment or feeling in one specific instance of time holds a magical power over me.  Very good photographs can transport you to a different space, where the feeling of that time and that place becomes personally tangible for the viewer."


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